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18 Luglio 2016
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Bahrain and Korea: is the New Coffee Course!

The new edition of our barista course in Italy

The new edition of our barista course in Italy

19th of July,

Today, the new five days course “coffee route” bring us new friends and new stories!

We have the two sisters Murooj and Sawsan, that in Bahrain own and run coffeeshops and kiosks into the campus of the local university.

We have Hanseok (Andy) from Korea, that is fascinated by the coffee and is getting SCAE certificates...

We have Alex, a Bulgarian who is living in United States, so in love for coffee to create a barista “trench” at home that is much better of the one of many real coffee shops!

And again and again, more people, more stories but the same passion: coffee!


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