Italian barista, roasting, brewing, tasting and latte art courses

For those who really want to know the world of coffee with a technical and scientific approach. For those who are thinking to build their future in coffee. For those who have a really, really great passion for the beans!
A full route: from the green coffee beans to the barista technique about espresso, cappuccino and latte art. From the use of Chemex and V60 to the evaluation of the extraction with SCA parameters. From the planning of a business plan to the right location for the right concept, From the professional tasting to the coffee roasting, with a lot of practical exercises. A very deep five days long journey, into the coffee world! At the end the possibility to take part to the SCA Certifications!

Are you fascinated by the Espresso and barista world? want you to start from the very basic skills?
This course starts from the knowledge of coffee blends, the maintenance of the espresso machines; then we continue from arguments such as coffee grinding, correct espresso preparation, milk frothing, italian cappuccino preparation, the espresso macchiato and… practice!

Espresso, cappuccino… Italian words for an Italian lifestyle! This course will be a full and intense Italian barista route. Two days of full immersion in a Roasting company in the very heart of Florence. Comparing coffees, approaching the Italian espresso with modern parameters, facing latte art and with a lot of practice. The course program is cut on the SCA certification exam.

From the choice of the location to the risks of the first days (start strong!!) all the route, step by step, for the opening of a coffee shop.
The planning of costs and incomes for a business plan to the financing and bureaucratic route, the HACCP, the interior designs trends, the communication approach, the study of the best (and worst) history cases… All, from the first insight to the first espresso!

A beginning of course with very few basic rules, then a lot a lot of practice. We will start from the very basic technique of milk frothing and then we will process learning hot to realize the heart, the rosetta, and, as we grow in level, the dragon, the bear, the various patterns of tulip and more. Non forgetting the 3D, the colours and the rainbow cappuccinos.

A complete path that begins from the differences between the various brewing methods and the different techniques (as Aeropress inverted) and continues with the use of the refractometer to evaluate the extraction. Then the basic concepts of brewing: ideal cup, turbolence, TDS, and so on. In the second part of the course, a lot of practice on V60, Aeropress and other “very cool” tools, all with a choice of different coffee specialties and farm coffees…

From the different technologies we move seeing the setting and installation of the espresso machines. then we follow the basic maintenance, the replacements of worn out elements, the variations in pressure and temperature and the most common problems, as descaling. A busy day to come out with a strong technical background.

A course for those who want to learn the modern basics of coffee roasting. For the barista who wants to roast the green coffee for his coffee shop, as well as for those who want to start a career as coffee roasters (and for the crazy guys who want to roast their own coffee at home!). An intense day starting from the knowledge of green coffee until the approach, in theory and practice, of the roasting and the Italian blending of coffee.

For who loves coffee, or for who wants to work with it, is very important be able to evaluate, in professional terms, the coffee. From the differences between aroma and fragrances, from the SCA sheet of evaluation, from the parameters of the technical coffee cupping. A day that involves physiology, chemistry and taste.

Are you visiting Florence, are you curious about the Italian coffee experience?
This course, only three hours long, is held into a real Italian roasting company, just few minutes away from the very center of Florence.
During the course we see how to compare and evaluate the different coffees. We follow the production cycle, from the green beans to the roasting and degassing, then we see how to prepare the espresso and we make our own cappuccino, with the (drawn 😉 heart!

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Specialty Coffee Association. Five areas of knowledge in the coffee world: green coffee, roasting, tasting, brewing and barista skills (plus Coffee introduction). Three levels of exams: Foundation, Intermediate, Professional. Certificates released after an exam, by our SCA Authorized Trainers.


The courses are held in Florence, a few minutes away, by tram, from Florence’s main station of Santa Maria Novella. The school is few minutes away from the historical center of the city. For those arriving by car we are very close to Florence Scandicci highway exit. At the school there are no parking problems (and, as many do, you can rent a bike!)


All courses release diplomas that can be included in the Curriculum to look for work as barista. Our school collaborates with Authorized SCA Trainers SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) and courses are valid as access to the SCA (formerly SCAE) Certification System or Latte Art Grading System (LAGS)


If you need an accommodation in Florence ask us about the list of affiliated hotels. You can enjoy your vacation in Florence with a room in the very center of the city (a window looking the duomo!) or close to the school (the center is anyway just 15 minutes away). The structures are good for every pocket: from the AirBeB to the four stars! Please contact us through our Email  [email protected] or by our contact form


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