The diary of Barista and Coffee course in Florence

All the news from our courses of Barista, Coffee Roasting, Coffee cupping and Sensory in Italy!

5 Agosto 2017

Coffee Roasting Class!

International Coffee Route day 5, Roasting Class!!  
12 Aprile 2017

Green Coffee SCA Foundation Course and Certification in Italy

At the end of our coffee route we always give to our participants the possibility to book SCA (former SCAE) certifications of Roasting, Barista, Brewing […]
12 Aprile 2017

Green Coffee SCA Intermediate Course and Certification in Italy

  A course about  green coffee, ideal to explore the most of all aspects related to the processing of more distant to us coffee, the […]
7 Febbraio 2017

How to Open a Coffee Shop in Croatia, and in Costarica too…

7th of February.  A new row of courses have impacted our school for the five days coffee course route from the 6th to the 11th […]
5 Dicembre 2016

The Stunt Man of Star Wars to our Coffee and Barista courses

5th of December. In the last coffee route five days coffe course we have had also Lukasz Guziur, from Poland. Lukasz is a very cool […]
29 Novembre 2016

Traveling to the Coffee Plantations…

29th of November.     We are not writing nothing in this diary since a too long time, but for a good reason! We have […]
26 Settembre 2016

Green Coffee SCA Course, and Geneve Coffee Exhibition!

26th of September. Our school still go deeper and deeper into the coffee world. Thanks to the Authorized SCAE Trainer Marco Cremonese, the guy who […]
13 Settembre 2016

The Photo Diary of our Last Coffee and Barista Five Days Course in Florence!

13th of September.  Alin, a very nice participant to our last “Coffee Route” course has shared with us the beautiful photos he took during the five […]
19 Luglio 2016

Bahrain and Korea: is the New Coffee Course!

19th of July, Today, the new five days course “coffee route” bring us new friends and new stories! We have the two sisters Murooj and […]
1 Luglio 2016

A New teacher and a New Wonderful Gift!

1st of July, 2016 Is great day for our school. Today we can celebrate the arrive of Annalisa, our new teacher ready to follow our […]