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10 Aprile 2017
Green Coffee SCA Foundation Course and Certification in Italy
12 Aprile 2017

Green Coffee SCA Intermediate Course and Certification in Italy


Green coffee selection during the SCA Intermediate green coffee course

Green coffee selection in SCA course

A course about  green coffee, ideal to explore the most of all aspects related to the processing of more distant to us coffee, the ones that take place before the arrival of beans in our roasters. From the plant to the plantation, the processing stations of the green coffee up to the selection and delivery of the bags.

In Florence in our school Espresso Academy we will organize a two-day course, taught by  AST SCAE Marco Cremonese, who will lead the participants in a professional training course on green coffee. It is a course dedicated to Barista Coffee Roasters and professionals who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the world of green coffee. They will be two very intense days.

The course is valid for certification SCAE Green Coffee Certificate of Intermediate System.

Grading coffee for number of defects during the SCA intermediate certification

Finding defects in green coffee beans

This is the complete program:

  • The botanical origin of coffee
  • Why botanical is important?
  • Coffees from all over the world
  • The classification of coffee plant species
  • The production of coffee
  • The importance of soil preserving
  • The coffee processing
  • The washed method
  • The natural method
  • The pulped natural and honey method
  • The coffee drying
  • The removal of the parchment
  • The selection of green coffee The coffee grading.
  • The green coffee market, contracts
  • The storage and transport of green coffee
  • The certifications of green coffee and the socio-economic factors
  • The decaffeination, swiss water methods and other methods
  • The use of the sieves, practical test of grading by sizes
  • The moisture meter of green coffee, practical tests of moisture measurement.
  • Practical exercises of taste in cupping


For the next courses, for program and costs check this page or contact us at: [email protected]


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