Green Coffee SCA Intermediate Course and Certification in Italy
12 Aprile 2017
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13 Aprile 2017

Green Coffee SCA Foundation Course and Certification in Italy

Green coffee Course and certification in Florence, Italy

Green coffee SCA certification in Italy

At the end of our coffee route we always give to our participants the possibility to book SCA (former SCAE) certifications of Roasting, Barista, Brewing and Sensory Foundation (do you want to know what is it SCA/SCAE Specialty Coffee Association? Check our page here).

During our five days coffee route course we do not certify the Green coffee area, that is more specialised and really interesting just for people who want to know coffee in a very deep and professional way.

In the course, linked with the SCA certification we will lead the participants in a highly professional manner to discover all the key concepts surrounding the green coffee: plant growth , harvesting, processing drupes, transportation, storage until the arrival of in roasting coffee. It will be a busy day that will alternate the theoretical part practical tests for classification of green coffee and tasting in cupping.

Green coffee humidity measurement during SCA certifications

Green coffee moisture measurement

The course is valid for certification SCAE Green Foundation graduate of Coffee Diploma System.

This is the complete program:

  • The botanics of coffee, Arabica and Canephora
  • The origins of Coffea
  • The countries where the coffee plant can grow
  • The world production of coffee
  • The cultivation of coffee: the plantations and the harvest
  • The drupes processes: natural, washed, pulped natural
  • The drying of coffee: patio, african beds, mechanical
  • The removal of the parchment
  • The classification of green coffee
  • The transport and storage of green coffee
  • The certifications related to green coffee (Utz, Fairtrade …)
  • The caffeine and decaffeinated coffee
  • The use of sieves to classify green coffee
  • The moisture measurement of green coffee beans
  • A glimpse into the Brazilian Cupping

For the next courses, for program and costs check this page or contact us at: [email protected]


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