Arredare un Bar o un Ristorante con il Cartone
16 Giugno 2016
E’ Utile Associarsi a Confesercenti per un Bar o un Ristorante?
17 Giugno 2016

La Marzocco is Guest of our “Aperitivo in Coffee”

June 16th.

The very famous logo of "La Marzocco strada"

The very famous logo of “La Marzocco strada”

Is a lucky group the one that is partecipating to the edition of the “Five days coffee route” that we are having in these days in our school of Firenze, Italy.
Host of the ”aperitif in coffee” that we organize during each coffee route with a lot of coffee drinks (but not just coffee, the Negroni was invented in Florence…) and each time with a different guest of the coffee Business & Industry.
This time the guest is Ettore Scagliola, after sales manager of one of the most famous industries in the world of coffee: La Marzocco.
The event is scheduled for Friday 17, after the day dedicated to coffee roasting, and we have already have a lot of questions for him!


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