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17 Febbraio 2016
22 Febbraio 2016

Aperitivo and Coffee Chatting


Jan 13, 2016

Well, the good Gospel says: mankind can not survive just with coffee. This is why we organize, during our five days of Barista, roasting, brewing and tasting course in Florence, Italycoffee route” a real Italian “aperitivo”.
But, as everything at the school, this aperitivo is going to be special, with some (but not all!) drinks coffee related (never enjoyed a cold brew coffee with tonic water?) with a classic Italian buffet and, never the less, the participation of a special guest: Alberto Cocci, one the biggest Italian experts of coffee grinders, agents of brands as Mahlkoenig and Anfim. A very coffee chatting Italian aperitivo!

During the coffee course route, time to relax!

During the coffee course route, time to relax!


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