SCAE(1)The SCAE, Specialty Coffee Association of Europe, is the organization that sets, at European level, the professional standards for those who want to dive into the world of coffee and coffee shops. If this organization, based in London, is moving at an European level, its certifications are recognized worldwide, thanks to connections with the “sisters” organization Specialty Coffee Association of Australia and the eponymous American.

As you can understand by downloading the brochure of the organization, structure SCAE his training in six areas:

  • Coffee Introduction
  • Barista skills (techniques of work in coffee shops)
  • Green Coffee (knowledge and selection of coffee beans, especially for those interested in roasting)
  • Roasting (for those who want to pursue a career in the world of roasting, and for the coffee fanatics!)
  • Tasting (for coffee sommelier)
  • Brewing (alternatives methodes, filter, aeropress, V60 and…)

Each area is divided into three levels of certification:

  • Foundation: is the certification for those who do not have prior experience working at the bar counter. It certifies at European level barista_judges-600x378the skills to prepare an espresso and a cappuccino, basic knowledge of coffee blends,grind setting, understand what defects may have an espresso and being able to recognize them and, finally, to know how to froth properly the milk for cappuccino .
  • Intermediate: This level certifies a high level of expertise and is dedicated to those who have experience at the counter. Certifies the ability to make latte art, set and maintain the equipment, recognize, looking at the beans, various coffee and understand how they can influence the taste of a cup, and, also, the ability to properly prepare, in six minutes, a wide range of preparations chosen “blindly” by the examiner.
  • Professional: This is the highest level, reserved for those who intends to propose themselves in the field of training or/and competitions. Among the elements of the certification, knowledge of the various technologies of machines and coffee grinders, understand how a water at different temperatures and different minerals can vary the taste of the espresso and be able to evaluate the amount of solute dissolved in a espresso. Knowing scientifically the milk frothing, how to make latte art with a good standard and, finally, management skills and bar business.

Each SCAE certification gives a score for the Scae Diploma System.
For more information about SCAE and his world, you can directly visit its official website.

In our school you can undergo the exam for the SCAE certification with our authorized trainers. Course participants wishing to take part in the SCAE certifications are requested to inform us at the time of enrollment.  Anyone wishing to take part in the certification is requested to monitor and evaluate before the required capabilities in this certifications sheets to see if the level is in line with expectations and experiences.





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2013, 2014, 2015, 2016. Since four years our school wins Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence! Thanks to all the participants in our courses

SCAE, Specialty Coffee Association of Europe

I nostri corsi sono tenuti da certificatori SCAE e i sono tagliati per l'ottenimento delle certificazioni della Specialty coffee Association of Europe. Scopri il mondo SCAE

Our teachers are SCAE certified and our courses are tailored in order to get the Certification of the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe. Read more about SCAE


From the 2007 “Aprire un bar” run courses about the world of Italian coffee, cappuccino and Latte art. The courses are held in the center of Florence. Do you want to discover the world of the Italian espresso and cappuccino? Are you planning a vacation in Florence and you want a different experience? Click here and come to discover our courses in English!


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Stai aprendo o hai già un bar? Scopri la nostra miscela di caffè, un progetto che rivoluziona il mondo del caffè!

  • Una miscela di solo 3 componenti, tutti di altissimo livello.
  • Ogni caffè proviene da una specifica area, con certificato di provenienza.
  • Ogni componente della miscela è tostato separatamente con una macchina tostatrice artigianale.
  • Sacchetti solo da 250 grammi, caffè impacchettato immediatamente dopo la tostatura.
  • Ogni pacchetto viene consegnato solo dopo 5 giorni di degasamento, e dopo un mese, se n
  • on consumato, viene ritirato e sostituito

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