Our trainer team

Marco Cremonese

One of the coffee and roasting guru in Italy. To write the CV of Marco we would need two websites! Let’s just say that he has roasted coffee for many Italian (and not) competitors in world championship of Barista. Marco is also consultant for some of the most important Italian roasting companies and SCA Authorized Trainer for toasting, tasting and green coffee.

Helena Oliviero

Is possible to combine very young age, a lot of experience abroad and great competence about coffee? Helena shows that is possible! She is also AST for barista skill and brewing modules, and the Italian Champion of Ibrik Coffee !! In the Aprireunbar team is responsible for the courses abroad.

Simone Celli

Trainer? Simone is a real barista and owner of coffee shops! But strange to say, he finds even the time to be the editor of the Ilcaffeespressoitaliano.com blog, the most important Italian coffee blog. In our team he is the trainer for latte art and brewing, LAGS Certifier, and a world-wide expert about the coffee specialties!

Gabriele Cortopassi

Waiter, barista, bartender, sommelier, and then restaurant manager and consultant (running restaurants is hard as climb mountains!) In 2008 he founded aprireunbar.com, a blog about how to open coffee shops, that right now is getting more than a million of visits per year. He is the trainer of the management courses, but also as barista is not so bad… 😉

Robert Brinck

With an Hipster beard, Dutch and very very fond about coffee (for a lot of time he has roasted his beans at home, in a frying pan!). How could we let him run away? Robert is the landmark of the group for the English courses, and is also the trainer of the courses for technicians … With the screwdriver is a master!

Ilaria Nocentini

When we say somebody grown up behind the counter… Ilaria is, in our team, the person in charge for the barista courses, but not only, considering her skills in brewing (have you tested her brewed coffee gin tonic?) and her knowledge about the coffee specialty …

Kaai Iwano

We were told that in Japan there is a great coffee culture too, and … it is true !! Kaai is in charge for the “tourists” courses that we hold in Florence, as the Discovery, and his expertise in coffee is just as his sympathy!