Arriving by car
There are two exits from the highway to reach the school: Firenze Scandicci and Firenze Nord. To reach the school from there follow the map we send you with our mail. In case you have a navy the address to put in is Via delle Torri 55, 50142 Firenze.
As the school is not situated in the historical city centre there is no parking problem. Some times you find a place also in front of the school and even without paying for it.. But there are also three parking places in a rage of 200 metres.

Arriving by train
The related Station is Santa Maria Novella, the main station of Florence. To reach the school from this station it’s possible to take the “tramvia” (a street train, there is only one line and direction it’s not possible to go wrong) until you reach the stop Federiga. The ticket is 1,20€ . On the way of about 15 minutes you will cross the river Arno and the Cascine Park, a nice ride just outside the historic centre of Florence. From the stop Federiga you’ll reach the school walking about 5/7 minutes following the map you receive with our mail in Via delle Torri 55. You can buy the ticket at the platform from where the tramvia starts, there is a self service ticket counter. The ticket is the same also used for the busses.

How long does it take to go from the station SMN to the school?
The tramvia is leaving every 4/7 minutes. Federiga is the 7th stop and takes about 15 minutes to get there. You won’t need more than 30 minutes to reach the school from the station including the short walk.

Where do I take the tramvia?
Go to the back side of the station, close to track 3-4, there are a few steps to go down to the platform from where the tramvia leaves about every 7 minutes.

Arriving by plane
There are three airports to reach Florence: The city airport of Florence but also those of Pisa and Bologna. Both are connected by shuttle bus from Pisa in one hour or train from Bologna in 45 minutes to the main station Santa Maria Novella.

Arriving in Camper
Florence is worth a visit and for those who like the camping the course could be a reason for a trip in Camper. There is an area camper. About 4km from the school. No problem also to find a place near the school, were you find also supermarkets some shops and restaurants. To go from the school to the city centre you can go by the tramvia in about 15 minutes.

Arriving by foot
Some hero has done it. Who wants to move before or after the course can reach the school from the station in about 45/50 minutes walking going along the river Arno or inside the Park of the Cascine.

What is the time limit to register for a course?
No limit of time, it’s even possible to register the evening before the course. But the admission will be closed as soon as the maximum number of participants is reached to allow a good teaching, most of all during the part of practice. You will find in our web site if course is complete.

The courses I’m interested in are all complete? I cannot find a day that fits me?
Send a mail in any case to, we will be please to inform you about the upcoming dates trying to find a solution for you.

Will there be a break for lunch?
During the course we don’t go on only by espresso and cappuccino. At about 1pm there will be a break (not for discovery, its short!) and we go and have a lunch at the “casa del popolo” (well, in Florence the clubs called casa del popolo are an institution for those who come from abroad it will be a discovery.) about150m from the school. The menue offers first course of pasta, main course and side dishes, no problem if you prefer a veggie menue. The cost goes from about 4€ to 8€ depending on what you choose.
Who prefers may also bring his own lunch. In case of bad weather it’s possible to have it inside the school during the break, but you must know, that if the weather is fine there is a beautiful park at 150m from the school.

How do I pay the course?
The course can be paid directly at site the day of the course. We are sorry to say that cannot accept credit cards. Beside cash it’s also possible to pay by cheque or bank transfer.

Do you have children? And (perhaps) a partner to look after during the course?
Near the coffee school there is a nice park (Villa Vogel) with a big playground and in case of bad weather in the school there is a room, nearly always available, where the children can get some paper (but please bring your own pencils). Useless to say that there is no limit for Cappuccini and “babyccini”.

Aprire un bar passo passo

A che punto siete con il vostro progetto? Cercate qui gli articoli sugli argomenti che vi interessano.

Stai cercando le migliori lattiere, pressini e attrezzature da caffetteria?

Vieni a visitare Caffèlab, il nuovo Eshop sul caffècon le più migliori e smart attrezzature da bar: lattiere da latte art, tampers, macina caffè, attrezzature da brewing, miscele da espresso, da caffè americano e i migliori caffè del mondo in singola origine sia tostato che verde.

I nostri partner

I nostri corsi

  • State pensando di aprire un bar e volete farlo con competenza?
  • Siete già baristi ma non siete sodisfatti del vostro cappuccino o del vostro aperitivo?
  • State valutando di comprare un bar e volete essere sicuri di fare i passi giusti?
  • Volete individuare le strategie per aumentare gli incassi del vostro locale?

Trip Advisor!

2013, 2014, 2015, 2016. Da quattro anni la nostra scuola vince il Certificato di Eccellenza Trip Advisor! Grazie a tutti i partecipanti ai nostri corsi!

2013, 2014, 2015, 2016. Since four years our school wins Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence! Thanks to all the participants in our courses

SCAE, Specialty Coffee Association of Europe

I nostri corsi sono tenuti da certificatori SCAE e i sono tagliati per l'ottenimento delle certificazioni della Specialty coffee Association of Europe. Scopri il mondo SCAE

Our teachers are SCAE certified and our courses are tailored in order to get the Certification of the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe. Read more about SCAE


From the 2007 “Aprire un bar” run courses about the world of Italian coffee, cappuccino and Latte art. The courses are held in the center of Florence. Do you want to discover the world of the Italian espresso and cappuccino? Are you planning a vacation in Florence and you want a different experience? Click here and come to discover our courses in English!


visita il nostro blog gemello contiene molte informazioni
legati al mondo del caffè.


Stai aprendo o hai già un bar? Scopri la nostra miscela di caffè, un progetto che rivoluziona il mondo del caffè!

  • Una miscela di solo 3 componenti, tutti di altissimo livello.
  • Ogni caffè proviene da una specifica area, con certificato di provenienza.
  • Ogni componente della miscela è tostato separatamente con una macchina tostatrice artigianale.
  • Sacchetti solo da 250 grammi, caffè impacchettato immediatamente dopo la tostatura.
  • Ogni pacchetto viene consegnato solo dopo 5 giorni di degasamento, e dopo un mese, se n
  • on consumato, viene ritirato e sostituito

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