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  • March 28, 2017 Special edition into the mythical house and plants of Elektra espresso machines in Treviso (20 minutes from Venice!)
  • April 19th and 20th, 2017
  • May 10th and 11th, 2017


This course is held in Florence, Tuscany, a few minutes of tram from the main train station of Santa Maria Novella. The course is two days long, both days from 10 am to 5.30pm. The cost is 200€ including the books used during the course.
Program of the course.


  • What is coffee, a bit of history and, knowledge of the different species : Arabica, robusta and other aprireunbar1hybrids.
  • The coffee process: picking, stripping, mild and dry method.
  • Introduction to roasting and blending. Visit to a roasting plant.
  • Tasting of a good and a bad espresso, tasting different arabicas and robustas, finding differences.
  • The preparation of espresso , dosing, grinding and tamping.
  • The Cappuccino in theory and in practice. Milk frothing: the SCAE standards, more or less frothy, more or less hot.
  • The classic Italian preparations: latte macchiato, caffèlatte, espresso macchiato , shaked coffee etc.
  • An introduction to the brewing world: V60, Aeropress and other methods…
  • Knowledge and cleaning of the espresso machines. Descaling, backflushing, cleaning of the grinder.



  • What are the barista and latte art championships. Regulation and competitions.

    The rainbow cappuccino...

    The rainbow cappuccino…

  • Introduction to professional coffee tasting: the SCAE evaluation boards, testing of several coffees in single origin, from Mexico Altura to Java to the spicy taste of the Ethiopian Sidamo.
  • Practical test machine: find the right grinding degree and make a correct espresso.
  • The latte art. Video, the “dry” technique and a lot of practice for the pouring of the rosetta, the heart, tulips, the new “rainbow cappuccino” and…
  • From the world of the coffee cocktails to the new frontiers, from mocaccino to hot and icy very new proposals…

To the advanced Course is possible to link a third day dedicated to roasting and blending, for a more complete knowledge of the coffee “before the cup”.

The program of this third day is:

  • Characteristics, evaluation and defects of the green coffee with the SCAE parameters.1506748_1618631265024739_2864744141090956348_n
  • Theory of roasting: different temperatures for different coffees, the roasting curves and profiles, methods of heat transfer, First Crack & Second Crack.
  • The Italian coffee roasting. Practical exercises of roasting with the colorimetric system of evaluation.
  • Tasting of a light and a dark roasted coffee.
  • Blending: create our own blend starting from our taste or the taste of our clients. Tasting of good and a “not very good” coffees already sold in the market.
  • Creating a first simple blend with two different single origine coffees.

The cost of this additional day is 130€

At the end of the course it is possible to book the SCAE certifications exams for coffee introduction, barista skills foundation and intermediate. You can find information on SCAE in this page. Those who wished to take part in the certification exams please report it at the time of enrollment.

If you need to stay overnight in Florence ask the list of the hotels affiliated with our school. Our school is a partner of La Marzocco, one of the most famous manufacturers of coffee machines in the world. In our courses you can arrange a visit at the plant “La Marzocco” in Florence.

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Read here the opinions about this course on TripAdvisor. During the course we use also very innovative tools, discover them here.


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From the 2007 “Aprire un bar” run courses about the world of Italian coffee, cappuccino and Latte art. The courses are held in the center of Florence. Do you want to discover the world of the Italian espresso and cappuccino? Are you planning a vacation in Florence and you want a different experience? Click here and come to discover our courses in English!


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  • Ogni componente della miscela è tostato separatamente con una macchina tostatrice artigianale.
  • Sacchetti solo da 250 grammi, caffè impacchettato immediatamente dopo la tostatura.
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